New Year. New Mona?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

I'd like to think so, but in honesty I very much doubt it. I am planning on keeping it real and my goals achievable. I aim to do what I already do most days, weeks, months, and years and that is survive!

New Years Day is just another day, another goal post from which another resolution can be moved except it's the worst day to make promises you probably won't keep. Why? You've just had Christmas and the majority of us have over-spent, over-eaten, and over-indulged on alcohol. We're saturated and therefore perceive it's going to be easy-peasy to deny ourselves the things we usually enjoy in moderation. Add in the rubbish weather and you've got a recipe for disaster, darling. 

The world and his wife seem to evaluate their lives over the Christmas period and generally conclude that they have SO much to change. I, on the other hand, spend most of Christmas and the run up to it wondering how I will get it all done, wishing I didn't have to go to work and calculating how much sleep I will, or rather, won't get. I simply don't have the time - let alone the head-space - to pontificate on what's wrong with me or my life. The only way I get through it is by taking comfort from what's gone well, and reinforcing the positives which cancel the negatives.

'Mum, why haven't we got a Christmas tree yet, Father Christmas is coming tomorrow?'
'Don't worry it will be done before he gets here, just remember I was only five minutes late for your school play and I didn't forget to order the turkey.'

I understand that New Year is and should be an opportunity for hope, especially for those whom 2015 was unkind to and have been touched by loss, sadness, or hardship. I genuinely hope for those of you to whom this applies that you have a better 2016 and experience peace, happiness, and good fortune.

For the rest ...
I know you want to be thinner, it won't make you happy 
I know you want to be richer, it won't make you happy
I know you want to be more organised, it's not going to happen
... the list is inexhaustible.

My advice for 2016: stop giving yourselves a hard time about what's wrong and celebrate what's beautiful and right in your life!

I may sort Haversham House out, I may not. I might find time to blog more often - who knows - but if I don't, you know what, nobody dies!